COVID-19 Relief to Native American Communities

Right now 100% of our donations are going directly to purchasing and sending out Covid relief to Native American communities who are being hit the hardest. With your help we have already sent out nearly $40,000 worth of PPE and other aid, and we are just getting started. Help us protect and save Indigenous lives and cultures.

Covid 19 is still spreading, and Indigenous people are being hit particularly hard. Whether Native American, Yazidi, Jewish, or First Nations, etc, our worlds revolve around community, family, ceremonies, and gatherings. We live in close knit communities, often with multiple generations in a single, small home, and we often lack basic resources.

Native American nations are suffering from the corona virus at a disproportionate rate, and the systems that are set up to help are failing miserably.

Indigenous Bridges has been working tirelessly for months to assess needs, fundraise, source supplies, and quickly get shipments of emergency aid and PPE out to the affected nations.

We have teamed up with Givingmasks, Firekeepers International, Charlestown Face Shield project, and others, in order to reach as many people as possible. And Givingmasks is matching every donation that we get.

The fates of all of our peoples are interconnected. We need each other right now. We are in this together. Every dollar can save lives. And you can make a huge impact.

Thank you.