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Connecting and empowering indigenous communities worldwide.

Our people, our ways, our futures, together.

One finger cannot lift a pebble. – Hopi​

Indigenous people are here to stay.

Working together we can build a strong future.

Our Mission

To create a better future for indigenous people
worldwide, by forging international solidarity,
cooperation, and partnerships between local and
diaspora indigenous communities.

Our Organization

An Indigenous peoples’ network for social connection, knowledge sharing, economic exchange, and political solidarity.

About Us

Indigenous Bridges is a non-partisan organization dedicated to the advancement of indigenous communities globally. 

Launched in 2016 by Native American and Diaspora Jewish/Israeli leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, artists and activists, Indigenous Bridges has grown to become a network connecting local and diaspora indigenous communities.

Our Goals


Social and Cultural Exchange​

Build connections between Native Communities and Diaspora Jewish communities through events and lectures.

Economic Exchange​

Match entrepreneurs and activists with expertise from different indigenous communities. Create a matches database geared to what specific indigenous communities can offer/need

Knowledge Exchange​

Become a resource for indigenous people about their respective histories and contemporary realities. Bring different Indigenous experts in various field together.


Organizing mutual aid for communities in crisis. Uniting our voices on key issues. Sharing our expertise to face challenges.

Our Initiatives 2020


Social and Cultural Exchange

Knowledge Exchange

Economic Exchange

What People are Saying About Us

About our Indigenous Peoples of the Middle East Lecture Series

Ryan was engaging and extremely knowledgable, the kids really enjoyed his presentation. He was easily one of their favourite speakers and they have asked if he will come back. The presentation was extremely informative and interesting.

– Mahra Hart Israel educator, Tannebaum CHAT.


Ryan is always one of the favourite speakers at our conference, he engages with the teens and keeps them interested. His presentation about indigenous peoples is one of the most popular every year.

– Masha Meruckoluva CEO Club Z

About Our Covid Relief

I send a wopila to the Jewish people. they sent 150 respirators and 850 surgical masks to the Oglala to help us. Alex White Plume, Oglala Sioux Nation

Thanks for the needed PPE for our healthcare workers so they can continue taking care of our people. Take care and stay safe!

– Clara Allen, Navajo Nation

About our Indigenous Exchange Program to Israel September 2019 for Komciwan, the largest Kurdish Youth Group in the Diaspora (located in Germany)

Indigenous Bridges gave us insight into Israel that we would not otherwise have had.

We had a very interesting program with important figures in Israel.

The bridge building between Kurdistan and Israel was successful! Sertaç

The journey was both entertaining and informative. We were granted insights that would not be possible without Indigenous Bridges.

Thanks for the lovely time in Israel.

– Sidar Media